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The association dedicated exclusively to the education, development and growth of young adolescents

Refereed Articles

Referred articles are included in a specific section of the Australian Journal of Middle Schooling.  Refereed papers will have two referees selected from relevant fields of study by the editor. 

Adolescent Success welcomes submissions for journal inclusion that reflect the aims of the Association and address issues relevant to the middle years of schooling.

Possible topics include: 

  • the developmental needs and interests of young adolescents
  • family and community partnerships
  • varied approaches to teaching and learning integrated curriculum
  • authentic assessment
  • school leadership and organisational structures in the middle years
  • information and communication technologies and resources in the middle years
  • research findings and future developments in the middle years

Below are refereed articles from previous Australian Journals of Middle Schooling.

Please use these valuable research articles to help inform your practice in the middle years.  Having access to relevant and recent research in the middle years is important for all educators.  

You can use these articles to:

  • share with your school staff as a professional reading for discussion at your next staff meeting
  • share with your parent community as a way of highlighting the importance of the middle years
  • improve your practice
  • get in touch with the author(s) if you'd like to know more or have them work with your school
  • reinforce your middle years programs 

Volume 17 Number 1 2017

Read the whole journal by clicking the image

Social Networking and Young People: Privileging Student Voice

Author: Dr Marie Perry

A B Paterson College

Volume 17 Number 2 2017

Read the whole journal by clicking the image

Staging a Numeracy Performance

Authors: Associate Professor Annette Hilton & Dr Geoff Hilton & Dr. Nicola Sinclair 

University of Technology & University of Queensland

Formative assessment in the middle years: A review of literature and alignment with the Guiding Principles for Junior Secondary

Authors: Hind Hegazy & Georgina Barton

Griffith University & University of Southern Queensland

Volume 18 Number 1 2018

Read the whole journal by clicking the image

This journal was a special edition of Research Summaries so there are no referred articles for this publication.  Please click the image above to read all the summaries in this edition.

Volume 18 Number 2 2018

Read the whole journal by clicking the image

Cultivating social media safety awareness in middle school girls

Author: Roberta Thompson

Griffith University

Volume 19 Number 1 2019

Read the whole journal by clicking the image

Volume 19 Number 2 2019

Read the whole journal by clicking the image

The effect of externally developed national testing in schools: Exploring two school sites

Authors: Katherine Swain & Donna Pendergast

Flinders University & Griffith University

Investigating the provision of professional learning and development for middle level teachers in New Zealand

Authors: Brenda Shanks & Tony Dowden

University of Otago & University of Southern Queensland

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