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The association dedicated exclusively to the education, development and growth of young adolescents


We are excited to announce our Middle Years Schools of Excellence

for 2024-2026



Adolescent Success serves Middle Years Educators with current best practice and research using events, publications and networking opportunities so that they can best educate young adolescents.

Join the Association

Join to belong to a network of educators, businesses and academics who believe that the middle years of schooling are unique and teaching this age group requires specific skills and attributes.  Our strength is in our collective network and we welcome new members.

Thinking of Reviewing Your Middle Years Program?

The Middle Years Diagnostic and Improvement Tool is designed to encourage reflective, evidence based conversations about what is current practice in the school; prioritise opportunities for improvement; and devise an action plan to implement change. The Middle Years School Improvement Diagnostic Tool encourages recognition of strengths and identification of areas of improvement.

Share Your Middle Years Story

We learn by story telling. We know that story telling inspires our students. Stories also inspire educators to be and do better.

The Australian Journal of Middle Schooling is a space for teachers and leaders in the middle years to share their story of teaching adolescents. It is also a window into the middle years in other schools.

Ideas for story telling:

  • A reflection on your passion for the middle years
  • A highlight of how you have used a piece of middle years research in your practice.
  • A description of your middle years Success Story - something you are proud of.
  • A co-written story with your middle years students,
  • A reflection on leading in the middle years.
  • An insight into how your school has addressed an aspect of the Adolescent Success Position Paper - Educators, Adolescents. Place and Pedagogy.

It doesn't take much. Think of what you are proud of and be proud to share it.

If you are a bit unsure of writing an article for a published journal we will help you. Just get in contact with Jess Serra (executiveofficer@adolescentsuccess).

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