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The association dedicated exclusively to the education, development and growth of young adolescents


    • 01 Feb 2023
    • 31 Dec 2024
    • Individual Schools - TBA

    The Adolescent Success Middle Years School Improvement Diagnostic Tool is a self-audit tool used to gauge the effectiveness of middle years practices in your school, to recognise areas of strength and to target areas for improvement. Upon completion of the audit, the tool enables teams to acknowledge key areas requiring action, to create an action plan and to be able to review and reflect upon progress of that action. 

    The Diagnostic Tool is compilation of effective middle schooling practices as outlined in the Adolescent Success Position Paper, which is based upon an analysis and synthesis of recent and current research and evidence. School leaders are encouraged to use the Diagnostic Tool to audit their own practices when considering middle schooling reforms and directions. 

    We provide TWO options:

    • Option ONE: School Diagnostic Tool and Facilitation (purchase C and D)
    • Option TWO: School Diagnostic Tool, Facilitation and Implementation Support (purchase E and F)

    For more information view our Diagnostic tool flyer (4).pdf.

    • 15 Feb 2024
    • 3:30 PM
    • 16 May 2024
    • 5:00 PM
    • Online
    • 28

    Setting Yourself up for Success - Webinar Series

    Are you new to teaching and teaching students in aged 10-15? Are you looking for practical strategies to set your students up for success?

    Adolescent Success is offering six targeted online professional learning opportunities to support you in your transition to teaching. The six topics have been identified as by graduate teachers as key areas where they would like more information and ideas.

    Each online session is facilitated by an experienced middle years educator and beginning teacher mentor. In each session, you will learn a little more about the theory behind the topic and walk away with practical strategies you can implement in your next lesson.

    • Online 3.30pm-5pm AEST
    • $50 per session members/$65 per session for non-members.
    • $250 for all six sessions

    Join Adolescent Success NOW and pay $210 for all six sessions.

    Session 1: Setting Yourself up for Success

    Thursday 15th February

    Looking for that bit more to help you feel confident and capable teaching in the middle years. This conversation will cover what is unique about students in the middle years and strategies for setting yourself and students up for a fruitful learning partnership. We will also discuss strategies for managing your workload and wellbeing.

    Presenter: Deb EvansDeb has been a pivotal figure in Adolescent Success, serving as its President and contributing from its inception. With 16 years as a member, her work has shaped the Australian Journal of Middle Schooling. She's renowned for her dedication to middle years education and her leadership, including her role as Deputy Principal. Her focus is to understand and embody the qualities of an impactful educator in the middle years

    Session 2: Behaviour Strategies for Middle Years Students

    Thursday 29th February

    Unpack strategies to add to your behaviour management tool kit. Adolescence is a time of great development and change for students. In this session you will explore the essentials of classroom management. We will take you through how to form positive relationships whilst maintaining an environment where all students can learn.

    Presenter: Anj DillonAnj has qualifications in middle years teaching. She is an experienced Head of Science and has worked with beginning and early career teachers as a Capability Manager in the QLD Department of Education Teacher Learning Centre. She is currently the Head of Professional Practice at Benowa SHS.

    Session 3: Engaging with Middle Years Students and Their Parents

    Thursday 28th March

    A positive relationship between teacher, student and parent is vital for all students to thrive. In this session we will explore, with you, strategies for cultivating positive relationships with parents. From making phone calls to parent teacher interviews, we will help you feel confident to always engage with parents.

    Presenter: Anj DillonAnj has qualifications in middle years teaching. She is an experienced Head of Science and has worked with beginning and early career teachers as a Capability Manager in the QLD Department of Education Teacher Learning Centre. She is currently the Head of Professional Practice at Benowa SHS.

    Session 4: Supporting Middle Years Students Suffering from Trauma

    Thursday 11th April

    In this session you will explore how to create a classroom environment where all students can thrive. Trauma affects students in diverse ways. Develop your understanding of how trauma can impact student learning. And take away teaching strategies that will increase your confidence and skill to support your students.

    Session 5: Differentiated Instruction: Designing and Scaffolding for Success

    Thursday 2nd May

    Learning to differentiate for all your students takes time. In this session we will take you through practical differentiation strategies that you can employ in your class tomorrow. Strategies include:

    • Cooperative learning strategies
    • Scaffolding for all learners
    • Making adjustments to cater for the differing writing and thinking levels of students.
    • Designing tasks for extension and challenge – thinking skills framework

    Presenter: Gerard AlfordGerard is an author and the Director of ITC Publications, established in 2002. He has over 20 years’ experience as a full time Secondary School teacher and leader. Gerard is the editor and co-author of the innovative teacher’s companion, which has sold over 750 000 copies worldwide. He is also the co-author of the best-selling innovative students’ companion and the beginning teachers’ companion.

    Session 6: Evidence Based Strategies for Students with Autism

    Thursday 16th May

    Deepen your knowledge of teaching students with Autism. Explore practical strategies to create learning environments that are inclusive of students with Autism. You will walk away from this session feeling supported and with more resources in your teacher tool kit.

    • 01 Jun 2024
    • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Southern Cross Catholic College, Gartrell Drive Annandale QLD

    Join educators from the wonderful far north Queensland at the North Queensland Conference for Adolescent Success and put a spotlight on learning and working in the middle years.  

    This conference is for educators (teachers and leaders) of students aged 10-15 years old. 

    You will have the opportunity to learn other middle years educators and academics such as Donna Pendergast (Griffith University) and Natasha Matthews (University of Queensland Learning Lab) about creating thriving learning environments for middle years students. 

    Conference keynotes, panels and concurrent sessions will address the four key parts of the Adolescent Success Position Paper: Adolescents, Educators, Place and Pedagogy.

    Registration is available for members, non-members and teams of 3 middle years educators.

    For more information contact

    We look forward to seeing you in Townsville!

    Find out more on our website. Submit an abstract here.

    REGISTER HERE  - Click here to register

    Submit a Concurrent Paper: Deadline March 31st 2024 (Details to come)

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