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The association dedicated exclusively to the education, development and growth of young adolescents

About us

Adolescent Success Inc is a not for profit association for teachers, schools, businesses and other educators who care about young adolescents and education in the middle years.

Formerly called MYSA (Middle Years of Schooling Association) the Association was formed in 1999 evolving from the Queensland Middle Years of Schooling Coordinating Committee, a committee which was established following the State Forums for the National Project: “Shaping Middle Schooling in Australia”. One could say MYSA ‘was born’ in response to a national voice for improving outcomes for young adolescents. It was perceived as a ‘grass roots’ association as it was formed by practitioners.

When the decision was made to establish an association, those present all threw $10 into the centre of the table to raise the fee for incorporation. A constitution was written, along with aims and some strategic directions for the Association. A group then all contributed $50 - that became the first memberships. Dr Robert Hardingham (Dean of Education at QUT) became the Inaugural President and other roles were determined amongst the first self-appointed committee. 

Today Adolescent Success Inc is a fast growing Association who boast a wide membership base across Australia, NZ and the world.

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