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The association dedicated exclusively to the education, development and growth of young adolescents

Inaugural Recipients

Collectively, our inaugural MYSOE used the process of application:

  • As a recognition process for the work we were doing in the middle years!
  • For the community to see our point of difference
  • To validate the process and to reflect upon our middle years’ practices
  • Celebrate and highlight strengths
  • To delve into what we do
  • For Marketing
  • As an Affirmation
  • Celebrate our uniqueness as a stand-alone school

St Margaret's College

Christchurch, New Zealand


Kathryn Gray

Head of Middle School

"In my capacity as the Head of Middle School atSt Margaret’s College, a substantial portion of our efforts and expertise has been dedicated to evaluating our transition and personal growth initiatives. Through the Middle Years School of Excellence Programme (MYSOE), we have delved deep into the rationale behind our emphasis on personal and pastoral care programmes alongside our academic curriculum.

Utilising pertinent research and high-quality resources such as 'Teaching Middle Years', we have engaged in thoughtful reflection to tailor our offerings to the unique needs of our students. This process has infused purpose and significance into our established practices, empowering our staff to wholeheartedly focus on these pivotal years with unwavering dedication."

Burgmann Anglican School

cnr Francis Forde Blvd & Hurrell Street, Forde, ACT


Liz Craig

Head of Middle School

Redlands College

Wellington Point, Queensland


Luke Ralph

Head of Middle School


  Kristin School

  Auckland, New Zealand


  Kate Pollard

  Middle School Principal


Cornerstone College

Mt. Barker, South Australia


Rhett Fielke

Middle School Learning Leader


St Francis Catholic College

Edmondson Park, NSW


Tania Kolar

Leader of Middle Years Learning


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